On Memorial Day and every day.

Eleanor Roosevelt knew war intimately. She walked upon the bloated, unburied bodies of soldiers slaughtered in World War I. She flew in uninsulated military aircraft through combat airspace to Guam, the Philippines and 13 other islands to visit American troops. She walked hundreds of miles in hospital corridors, worked in emergency rooms and ate with […]

Don’t forget the fancy glasses.

My friends dropped me off after a happy hour that became a happy evening. I plopped down on a lawn chair in my parents’ backyard and took in the peaceful lull of a summer night. After graduating from Kansas State University I was back in Georgia living with my parents and working two jobs while […]

Hello motherhood, goodbye heart.

On the day I became a mother I lost my heart. It was placed in the care of a fussy pink bundle of joy with reddish hair and soon to be bright blue eyes. Before Ellie C. made her grand entrance two weeks early on a cold February night in Fairbanks, Alaska I thought I […]