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Headed to the Tongeren Antique Market? Make sure you catch a Kringloop!


Headed to the antique market in Tongeren, Belgium? Listed below are addresses for awesome thrift shops or Kringloops right across the border in the Netherlands. I became a Kringloop addict after visiting a friend who was stationed in the Netherlands. I love thrift shops, but I really love Kringloops. On my last trip to Tongeren, my fellow treasure hunter and I drove up through the Netherlands and stopped at every Kringloop we could find. We had trouble finding a reasonable hotel room in Tongeren, so we stayed in Maastricht, Netherlands at an NH Hotel. It was an easy 30-minute drive into Tongeren for the market on Sunday.

I listed the Kringloops by city, but they are in no particular order. The shops are relatively close to each other and are not far from Tongeren.


Kerkrade, Netherlands
Kringloopwinkel Rd4
Spekhofstraat 4
Kerkrade 6466

Heerlen, Netherlands
Kringloopwinkel Rd4
In de Cramer 9
Heerlen 6413

Heerlen, Netherlands
Frans 2de hands Kringloopwinkel
Ganzeweide 69
Heerlen 6413


Hoensbroek, Netherlands
Frans 2de Hands Kringloopwinkel
Akerstraat Noord 232
Hoensbroek 6431

Maastricht, Netherlands
Broekhem 47
Valkenbburg a/d Geul 6301

Tongeren, Belgium

Tongeren Antique Market
Veemarkt 2
3700 Tongeren

The market is held on Sundays. Parking is free at the train station, and it is a quick walk to the market.

The market is open from 6am-1pm. You need to plan enough time into your shopping schedule to pick up your purchases. The vendors stick closely to the 1pm closing time, and time flies when you are having fun!

Happy hunting!


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