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Popping tags in Bayern and beyond. Bavarian thrift shop basics.


I have been popping tags longer than Macklemore has been alive.

What started as a newlywed necessity has become a bit of an obsession. My husband calls it hoarding, but I prefer the term hobby. I love to junk.

When we moved to Germany I fell in love with Flohmarkts (flea markets), and then I stumbled upon a Gebrauchtwarenmarkt (thrift shop). It was like finding a Flohmarkt that was open Monday through Friday AND Saturday! Vielen Danke! Unlike Gebrauchtwagen which means used car, Gebrauchtwaren means used (second-hand) goods or wares. Many of the Gebrauchtwarenmarkts are run by charity organizations that accept donated items, and provide support services. I sometimes take donations to drop off before I shop. I believe in Karma; Give good stuff, and you will get good stuff.

There is literally everything from A-Z at Gebrauchtwarenmarkts. Furniture, electronics, clothes, dishes, shoes, books and more. Many younger Europeans favor a more modern decor, think IKEA, and easily donate the family antiques. Most items are already priced, but many prices are negotiable. I politely ask the best price, but I also try to keep in mind most shops are charities. I am usually amazed at the deals I can find; especially if I am buying numerous items or larger pieces.

I did a little research on Gebrauchtwarenmarkts in Bavaria, and below are some shops to add to your list. Starred shops are ones I have visited. Make sure to double check opening times and addresses before you head out. Most shops are closed on German holidays.


*Werkhof Gebrauchtwaren Haus, Auweg 22, 93055 Regensburg Hours:M-F 9-5:30pm/Sat 10-2

*Flohmarkt am Stadtischen Recyclinghof Regensburg, Markomannen Strasse 3, 93053 Regensburg Hours: T-F 8-12pm/1-5:30pm/ Sat 9-1pm


*CAH Gebrauchtwarenmarkt, Goldschmidt Strasse 43, 92318 Neumarkt Hours: M-TH 8:30-5pm/Fri 8:30-2pm/Sat 9-1pm


*CAH Gebrauchtwarenmarkt, Industrie Strasse 51, 92345 Dietfurt Hours: M-TH 8:30-5pm/Fri 8:30-2pm/ Sat 9-1pm


*Werkhof Gebrauchtwarenhalle, Hertz Strasse 12, 92421 Schwandorf Hours: M-F 9-5pm


*Werkhof Gebrauchtwarenhalle, Hauptstrasse 40, 92237 Sulzbach-Rosenberg Hours: M-F 9-5:30pm


Mobel-Werkhof Weiden, Obere Bauscher Strasse 21, 92637 Weiden Hours:10-6pm/Sat 9-12pm


BRK Gebrauchtwarenmarkt, Josef-Greiner Strasse 2, 91550 Dinkelsbuhl Hours:M&T 10-6/Thurs 10-8/Fri-10-6/Sat 10-2


*CAH Gebrauchtwarenmarkt Bechhoffen, Industrie Strasse 19, 91572 Bechhoffen Hours: M-TH 7-4pm/Fri 7-1:15pm/Sat 9-12pm


Gebrauchtwarenmarkt Ansbach, Schalkhauser Landstrasse 26, 91522 Ansbach Hours:M-F 9:30-6pm/ Sat 10-2pm


Coburger Dienst, Ketschendorfer Strasse 86-88, 96450 Coburg Hours:M-F 8-6pm/Closed Sat


Gebrauchtwarenhof Veitsbronn/Siegelsdorf, Reitweg 12 A, 90587 Veitsbronn/Siegelsdorf Hours: M-F 9-6pm/Sat 9-4pm

Gebrauchtwarenhof Furth/Bislohe, Industrie Strasse 14, 90765 Furth Bislohe Hours: M-F 9-7pm/Sat 9-4pm

*SOKA e.k. Sozialkaufhaus, Leyer Strasse 60, 90763 Furth Hours: M-F 10-7pm/Sat 9-3pm

Gebrauchtwarenhof Nurnberg/Altenfurt, Saganer Strasse 13-15, 90475 Nurnberg/Altenfurt Hours: M-F 9-6pm/Sat 9-4pm

BRK Gebrauchtwarenmarkt, Sulzbacher Strasse 42, 90489 Nurnberg Hours: M-F 9-5pm/Sat 8-1:15pm


Gebrauchtwarenhof and Sozialkaufhaus Alfred-Wegener Strasse 11, 91052 Erlangen Hours:M-W 8:30-12/1-4;30/Thurs 1-5:30/Fri 8:30-1


Gebrauchtwarenmarkt Altdorf, Meergasse 31, 90518 Altdorf Hours: M-F 10-6pm/Sat 10-1pm


Carisma Gebrauchtwarenmarkt, Ostbahn Strasse 41, 91217 Hersbruck Hours: M-F 10-6pm/ Sat 10-1pm


Brauchbars Sozialkaufhaus Wurzburg, Grombuhl Strasse 52, 97080 Hours: M-F 10-6pm/Sat 10-3pm

Brauchbars Kempeltempel Wurzburg, Gerber Strasse 8, 97070 Wurzburg Hours: M-F 10-6pm/Sat 10-3pm

Brauchbars Pfundegrube Wurzburg, Ohm Strasse 8, 97076 Wurzburg Hours: M-F 10-6pm/Sat 10-3pm

Google Gebrauchtwaren in your area, and get your Gebrauchtwaren on!

Happy hunting,


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