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  • The come apart.

    The come apart.

    In the safety of the corner on my large gray sectional she took a shallow breath, exhaled and stopped standing guard. Her walls crumbled and we said nothing, sitting by her side and allowing, but not absorbing her pain. We watched as our strong and steadfast friend gently unraveled. The hurt, fears and burdens of… Continue reading

  • The forest for the trees.

    The forest for the trees.

    The trail that runs along the outskirts of my home has become a respite. I pound the pavement and sweat away the worries that quickly collect on my harried mind and weigh on my weak shoulders. I smile and wave at those who pass by. A friend once told me it was like being on… Continue reading

  • Live and love where you are.

    In January 2019 unbeknownst to me, I was entering a new chapter of my life. On January 2nd I started my first fulltime job in decades, I had been married for decades and the trajectory of my life seemed set and stable, almost concrete. Three weeks later my marriage imploded and my azimuth was obliterated.… Continue reading

  • Be Like Bea.

    “Where is the dog?!?” “I dunno.” “DAMMIT! Who left the gate open?” “I dunno.” Spoiler alert, “no one” left the gate open (again) but Beatrice was long gone. Beatrice was the Houdini of hounds and never, ever missed an opportunity to abscond. She knew there was a bigger world beyond her yard and given the… Continue reading

  • Always come home.

    Scrolling through Instagram I saw a picture that caught my eye. It wasn’t the beauty, skill of the photographer or vibrant colors that stopped my finger from swiping up. It was three words that adorned a mudroom wall. Always Come Home I am riding the tsunami of emotions that is Senior Year. It is uncharted… Continue reading

  • We the people.

    My thoughts have been racing, but I have kept my fingers off the keyboard. It has been a combination of disbelief; it is 2017, isn’t it? Disgust, and fear of feeding the beast that has silenced the clicks of my keyboard, but as I watch the mushroom effect, look at my children and search my… Continue reading

  • Hold my hand.

    Late to pick up my daughter, and racing down the road while running a laundry list of unfinished tasks through my mind, I felt the lyrics of a sappy 90’s hit throw a gut punch and burst the dam of tears I struggled to keep from flowing. Want you to hold my hand (Hold my… Continue reading

  • Tell me something good.

    It was a mad dash up I-85 N to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. I gave our Subaru a workout and prayed the sporty BMW in front of me caught the eye of any state troopers before they clocked my trusty steed. Earlier my oldest accidentally packed her wallet in her suitcase, and could not find… Continue reading

  • The stories we do not tell.

    I am a habitual creature. I dread the alarm clock and reach for my phone to slowly ease into the new day with my drug of choice – Facebook. I get my news, info and morning kick start from my ever-present handheld device. Right or wrong, it is my way to start the day. Yesterday… Continue reading

  • Hold on loosely.

    A solo trip down the road with full control of the radio became an “A-ha!” moment for this mom. Inspiration sneaks in at the most unsuspecting instants. The car can be the perfect place to run dialogue with myself or any passengers who are held captive within my four doors. I have learned to take… Continue reading

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I’m momma to two college students who have improved my sarcasm and my Spotify. I’m an Army brat who is well traveled but geographically challenged. I believe wanderlust is real, kindness matters and age is relative.