My new favorite acronym.

Acronyms are everywhere in the Army. Why say a string of words when one succinct combo of letters nails it? One of my new favorite acronyms is CTFD (Calm The F%$k Down). It is not an official Army acronym, but it should be. I tend to run down the rabbit hole, and PCS season can […]

My life in bullet points.

My husband called and asked the simple question, “Can you give me some bullet points covering what you have done while we have been here at Hohenfels?” Bullet points= volunteer work. Somebody was working on PCS awards, and his simple question sent my mind in motion. I truly appreciate PCS awards or any volunteer recognition, […]

To all the posts I have loved before.

It is a new year and as the dust settles from the holiday hubbub, and my resolutions are struggling to stay resolute the reality of a new duty station hovers on the horizon. In six months it will be time to pack up what we know and love, and head to parts known or unknown. […]

Quote me.

I am not sure when my fascination with quotes began, but I have had a long-standing love affair with the words of my fellow man. Before I was a Mrs. or Mommy, I was an idealistic middle school teacher who had the luxury of muttering the words, “I am” and “bored” in the same sentence. One […]

There is a reason, so heed your season.

Years ago I met a kindred spirit who shared a love of junking, creating and surprise gifting. When she invited me for a weekly coffee date I was thrilled. I didn’t drink coffee, but I was so grateful for her invitation and friendship I doused my coffee with milk, dumped in half her sugar bowl […]

Advice from a new girl’s notebook.

I have been the new girl since the day I was born, and I have spent the last 45 years perfecting my new girl skills. Being the new girl can be equal parts exhilaration and terror. Or not so equal parts of sucky. Below is my top advice for new girls (and boys) everywhere. Three […]

Don’t let the good ones slip away.

It was a warm May morning on Kelley Hill, and people filtered in under the neatly placed canopies on Sledgehammer Field. I said some quick hellos and waved as I scanned the rows for my husband and our seats. A name card with “Mrs. Pirog” caught my eye, and I grabbed the program placed on […]