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On Memorial Day and every day.

Eleanor Roosevelt knew war intimately. She walked upon the bloated, unburied bodies of soldiers slaughtered in World War I. She flew in uninsulated military aircraft through combat airspace to Guam, the Philippines and 13 other islands to visit American troops. She walked hundreds of miles in hospital corridors, worked in emergency rooms and ate with … Continue reading

My Army family.

Last week a squirming toddler with a shy, sweet smile reminded me of the power of my extended Army family. Childcare had fallen through, and Lorelei was hanging with the big girls at a monthly board meeting. It was more of a bored meeting for little Miss L, and I could see her mom’s frustration … Continue reading

What is home?

It is almost time for the migration of moving trucks to descend upon military installations around the globe. Every summer, like clockwork, they roll into neighborhoods, load up the worldly possessions of military families, and leave behind a wake of broken hearts in the process. Watching the packers wrap heirlooms at warp speed, and hearing … Continue reading

I heart Bayern.

I love Germany. And, I really love Bayern (Bavaria). There is something indescribable about the beautifully quaint land I have been lucky to call home for the past few years. Whether you have visited for a day or stayed for years, Bayern gets into your blood and settles in your bones. Below are 50 things … Continue reading

A promise to 2015.

Baltimore, Maryland circa 1998. I was a brand spanking new, newlywed who said, “I do” and commenced changing nearly every possible aspect of my 28-year-old life. I became a wife, switched career paths and moved up the East Coast from the sweet tea and sun of Columbus, Georgia to the hustle and bustle of Baltimore, … Continue reading