A promise to 2015.

Baltimore, Maryland circa 1998. I was a brand spanking new, newlywed who said, “I do” and commenced changing nearly every possible aspect of my 28-year-old life. I became a wife, switched career paths and moved up the East Coast from the sweet tea and sun of Columbus, Georgia to the hustle and bustle of Baltimore, […]

Leaving on a jet plane? Read this first!

You never really know where your travels will take you. Some stops are planned and others just happen. We travel for work, pleasure and sometimes we just need to hit the road, Jack. I am an Army brat and wife and a former flight attendant. I have logged my fair share of miles over the […]

Carpe diem!

Shoulda, coulda, woulda. I catch myself settling into a rhythmic daily routine and choosing the path of least resistance. It is not fear, but lack of motivation that keeps me trudging along. Somewhere between my first cup of coffee and the 8th load of laundry, I lose my mojo. Gone. MIA. AWOL. Well, today is the […]