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I heart Bayern.


I love Germany. And, I really love Bayern (Bavaria). There is something indescribable about the beautifully quaint land I have been lucky to call home for the past few years. Whether you have visited for a day or stayed for years, Bayern gets into your blood and settles in your bones. Below are 50 things this transplant has learned while living in my beloved Bayern.

You have been in Bayern for a while if . . .

  1. You have worn your dirndl or lederhosen someplace other than a fest.
  2. You never call a semmel a brotchen.
  3. You say “Servus” entering and exiting your local haunts.
  4. You have stopped and waited for a shepherd and his flock to cross the road.
  5. You know a Catholic holy day = holiday.
  6. You have been mesmerized by bright yellow fields in the Spring.
  7. Blue and white is your favorite color combination.
  8. Döner kebabs are your “go to” fast food.
  9. You have had pork and potatoes in every form and combo known to man.
  10. You can get through the grocery check-out in 60 seconds flat.
  11. you always have your own tüte on hand.
  12. Supah, genau and tschüss are part of your daily vernacular.
  13. You can rock a roundabout.
  14. You block out 2-3 hours for dinner in town.
  15. You know you can find a beer anywhere you go. Prost!
  16. You would rather have a spaghetti eis than a hot fudge sundae.
  17. You have mayo with your pommes.
  18. Your trash can is never full, and your recycle bins are bursting at the seams.
  19. You actually relax on Sunday.
  20. You no longer have the urge to turn right on red.
  21. Spezi makes you smile.
  22. You do not mind if your table water has bubbles.
  23. You count the days between fest seasons.
  24. You immediately hit your hazards when you see brake lights illuminating on the autobahn.
  25. You have had a salami, cheese and cucumber sandwich for breakfast.
  26. When 3 p.m. rolls around you are ready for a coffee and cake break.
  27. You have figured out what Marzipan actually is, and you think it is yummy.
  28. You own scarves. Lots of scarves.
  29. You have picked up a good bottle of wine for 3 Euros at the grocery store.
  30. You realize you can survive without ice and free refills.
  31. You greet people with a cheery Gruß Gött.
  32. Spargel and kurbis are two of your favorite soups.
  33. You do not find it odd to have cows for neighbors, and a castle up the street.
  34. You know your mustards.
  35. You have strolled through a city with a bratwurst or brezen in hand.
  36. Leberkäse doesn’t scare you anymore, but weiß wursts are still pretty creepy.
  37. You have seen the hops fields in full bloom along the autobahn.
  38. You keep your window boxes planted year round.
  39. You have done everything in your power to avoid getting stuck behind the “Poop” truck.
  40. You have sung along to an Oompah Band playing “Country Roads” with hundreds of new friends.
  41. You have gladly paid to use public toilets.
  42. You steer clear of Krampus, but leave your boots out for Saint Nicholas.
  43. You know a schwimmbad is way more than just a swimming pool.
  44. It doesn’t feel like Christmas until you have your first glühwein.
  45. You know the difference between a pepperoni and salami pizza.
  46. You have gotten up way too early on a weekend to hunt for treasures at a flohmarkt.
  47. You don’t hide your Easter eggs, you hang them all over your trees and bushes.
  48. You are a gummi and chocolate aficionado.
  49. You have blinked, and the weather changed.
  50. You will never say Auf Weidersehen to Bayern, only Bis Später.



3 responses to “I heart Bayern.”

  1. Every one of these. Nailed it!

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  2. We are in Graf now and I absolutely ❤️ this list…because it’s so true!!

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  3. Every. Single. One. Oh how I miss it!!


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